President Trump promised during his campaign to “drain the swamp” in Washington D.C. and he and his administration are really doing it.

America is overrun with ignorant people, and the former president Barack Hussein Obama positioned his soldiers in every US institution. This was his devious plan to undermine President Donald Trump, and potentially attempt to sabotage his presidency.

However, our President is very smart and doesn’t miss a beat. President Trump built an incredible team, and he made a great decision to hire Jeff Sessions. The Attorney General promised Trump that he will do his job properly.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently fired 46 Obama-appointed federal prosecutors. Sessions asked the 46 chief prosecutors to “ensure a uniform transition.” Meaning that none of them are supposed to cause a problem while departing their position.

The Justice Department stated that many of the US attorneys nominated by Obama have left their offices. As confirmed by its statement, the US Attorney General asked the remaining 46 presidentially appointed US attorneys to “tender” the resignations, and provide a “uniform transition.”

The president that We The People have elected into office is doing an excellent job by draining the swamp. Trump is strategically deconstructing Barack Hussein Obama’s shadow government by first identifying and removing his underlings from the top positions. There is finally hope for this country, and we all cheer to the President’s decisions.

Do you support President Trump and his decision to fire those US general attorneys and replace them with someone who carries their job properly?

The real question now is this: When is Attorney General Sessions going to indict Obama, Hillary and the rest of the swamp?

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