Larmier County Sheriff's

An illegal immigrant who was previously deported from the U.S. was apprehended on Friday morning. Fox News reported that an MS-13 gang member who was wanted for an El Salvador murder was arrested in Colorado on Friday after he allegedly had stabbed a woman with a screwdriver and ran over her leg.

Angel Ramos, 36, was arrested, FOX31 Denver reported. It was reported that on November 4, 2017, Ramos and a woman from Fort Morgan were in a vehicle when Ramos allegedly stabbed her with a screwdriver.  As the vehicle was moving, she jumped out to get away from Ramos and he then ran over her leg, police said.

Fox31 Denver reported that Ramos then tried to put the woman in the vehicle’s trunk before fleeing the scene. After about a week long manhunt he was arrested without incident and police believe it was a domestic violence case.

As the investigation into Ramos was performed it was determined that he is a member of the notorious and vicious MS-13 gang and he is wanted for murder in El Salvador. It is unknown when Ramos re-entered the U.S. or when he was deported.

“We’ve noticed a lot of people that have been fugitives that are hiding out here because they think they are not going to stick out,” Morgan County Sheriff Jim Crone told FOX31 Denver. “Nobody is going to know them, which is just the opposite; that just brings more people to our attention.”

Ramos was charged with attempted first-degree murder, kidnapping and other offenses. Since it was determined that he returned to the U.S. after he was deported and he was wanted for an El Salvador murder, U.S. Marshals, ICE agents and Homeland Security were asked to help investigate the case. He is expected to be indicted Monday, according to the Denver Post.

Sheriff Crone said investigators were “very concerned for this woman” and she was released from hospital on Sunday.

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