On Monday, former Vice President Joe Biden unleashed on the twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Biden said that Hilary’s unorganized campaign failed to actually explain her policy positions “that affect the middle class.”

NBC’s ‘Today Show’ hosted Biden where he was asked to throw in his 2 cents on the explosive 2016 presidential election. Biden was asked whether or not he had been blindsided by Donald J. Trump’s huge victory.

“All the pundits, the press, the campaigns themselves thought this was turning into a Hillary Clinton win. What did you see? Was it just a gut feeling?” questioned Matt Lauer.

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“There was no discussion of the issues. I thought at first that [Trump] was making so many mistakes. Then I realized that […] only four percent of all the coverage of Hillary was about the issues,” answered Biden.

“She didn’t get a chance to get her message out. Nobody can tell me what her position was on issues that affect the middle class. How were we going to pay for child care? How are we going to make sure that they have access to education?” Biden explained.

“It’s on the nature of the way the campaign was run,” he said.

Watch as Joe Biden completely blasts Hillary below:

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