Identity crisis has been a huge discussion in the news for quite some time.  The newest form is called “transracial.”  Transracial individuals identify with a race different than what they were born as.

An article was published on Monday on the USA Today and it profiles a white male named Adam who now believes he is Filipino and calls himself “Ja Du.”  Ja Du also drives a “Tuk Tuk,” which is a Filipino vehicle and he feels like the Filipino music and food are what makes him feel like himself.  He said, “Whenever I’m around the music, around the food, I feel like I’m in my own skin.”

The article reads, “Ja Du is part of a small but growing number of people who call themselves transracial. The term once referred only to someone (or a couple) of a one race adopting a child of another, but now it’s becoming associated with someone born of one race who identifies with another.”

Not only does he identify as transracial, he is also transsexual and may move towards transgender.

The article and Ja Du report that the Facebook groups for transracial people are growing.

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